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Ruger LC9 Review

Ruger LC9

The Ruger LC9 is a hammer-fired, double action only 9mm pistol, with a long smooth trigger pull. The LC9 is an enhanced version of the popular Ruger LCP, and it's here because the consumers wanted it, an LCP chambered in 9mm. The big brother to the diminutive LCP, the LC9 is almost exactly what you'd expect from Ruger with added surprises.

Beretta Nano Review

Beretta Nano

The Beretta Nano is the ultimate evolution of the micro compact carry pistol. The Nano's snag free design and extremely low profile make it one of the easiest 9mm pistols to carry and draw from a holster. The durable frame employs modern thermoplastic technology through the use of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer.

Glock 19 Review

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is one of the most popular 9mm handguns in the United States of America. The Glock 19 justifies that claim with its popularity in public and private security firms around the globe. The Glock 19 has become so popular because of its tested reliability, accuracy, ease of maintenance, and reasonable price point.

Ruger SR9 Review

Ruger SR9

The Ruger SR9 is a full size striker-fired semi-automatic 9mm handgun and without a doubt Ruger's future polymer grip frame classic. The Ruger SR9 features one of the slimmest, flattest, and most comfortable grip profiles in its class. This is in spite of the fact the Ruger SR9 holds a hefty 17 rounds of 9mm in its double stack magazine.

Springfield XDS Review

Sprinfield XDS

The Springfield XDS incorporates the same propriety features of the Springfield XDM series of pistols while boasting new and enhanced ergonomic and safety features. The Springifled XDS offers major ergonomic changes in its design features that give the Springfield XDS capabilities that make it far easier and comfortable to fire.